Add the extension to Chrome, and you'll see an "r" next to the settings button in the top right corner.

How it works

Rather looks for keywords that appear on Facebook and Twitter. This is a keyword. Well, phrase actually. The word "fuck" would be a keyword. The phrase "To hell with Republicans!" would be a key phrase. So, anyway, rather constantly scans for those, which hopefully you've specified by creating a list. Any time rather sees any of those words or phrases it kicks into action. We're not actually scanning the content of the images you see. Otherwise your CPU would get hotter than hell and the NSA would have already bought us out.

I'm not seeing anything being replaced.

Damn. Try this. 1. Make sure Chrome is totally up to date. They've got like 30,000 people over there constantly updating stuff, so it might be time to upgrade your browser. 2. Clear your cache. You should probably do this anyway in case your SO needs to look up a recipe and finds your favorite porn subreddit. 3. Refresh Facebook and or Twitter.

If that doesn't work, just try uninstalling and then reinstalling the extension. That seems to work for now. We're looking into the issue. If it's still not working after that, shoot us an email at We'll get one of our top guys in India on it.

Why am I seeing weird pics as my replacement content?

If you're using Instagram content as your replacement feed, well, you open yourselves up to morons on there miss tagging stuff. Like some teenagers like to refer to themselves as "cats," which is fine, but then it floods the real stream of cat pictures with pictures of random people. That and spammers who are just pumping stuff into an all too popular hashtag category. Your best bet is to remove that and go with a tumblr source or something a little more focused, like "tabbycat".

How do I get rid of any and all links from a certain domain, like

All you have to do is enter in as one of your kill words:*) That little snippet of code on the end there will work wonders for you. Just make sure you put a couple entries in to account for http://www. and just plain old http://. Ideally, you'd have something that looked like:*),*),*),

It also works in front of words too, which can be useful for filtering words that could also be hashtags. Like (.*)YOLO will block not just "YOLO" but also "@YOLO" and "#YOLO" For real.

Is there a mobile version on the way?

Damn straight.

An RSS feed I entered doesn’t seem to be working.

RSS feeds can be very finicky. Make sure there are no extraneous characters at the end of the URL and try again. If that doesn't work, you might need a better source. But don't fret, there's no shortage of RSS feeds on the internet.

Why is there a login option?

You don't really need to worry about loging in right now. It's just us planning ahead for when we launch our mobile app.

My instagram tags keep erroring.

You might be entering a space. Hashtags don't like spaces. So if you're entering "Loose Bathingsuits" it's the space between "loose" and "bathingsuites" that's giving you trouble. Just put in "loosebathingsuits" That'll set you up real nice.

How do I uninstall the extension?

Go to Window > Extensions > and then hit the little trash icon.